Five Star Broker
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    Five Stars Broker (FSB) is an International Brokerage Company operating in the global goods and services brokerage sector.

    Five Star Broker

    Where does FSB operate?

    Currently it operates mainly in the local market of the Czech Republic where it has its Headquarters (HQ) in the center of Prague and through subsidiaries and qualified agents also in the main emerging markets including that of the Middle East and North Africa as well as Europe and America. Latina.


    The clientele to which FSB addresses is demanding and of a high level, precisely for this reason, standards are adopted that make the search for a good or service fast and reliable through the adoption of rigid internal protocols and streamlined procedures also through exclusive contracts - short term - dedicated One to One.


    The main sectors in which we operate are those relating to Real Estate, Construction, Rare and Precious Metals, Sport Management, Large-scale Food and Beverage Distribution in the Vegetable / Vegan and Organic sectors, Energy from Renewable Sources, Environment, Industry, Transport and Logistics, Private Aviation and Luxury Concierge Services.

    Broker network

    With a network of over 260 associated brokers, we are able to cover over 60 countries around the world and distribute products in strategic sectors or those with the greatest growth.


    In this section you will find a selection of the main articles from prestigious newspapers and qualified websites including Corriere Dello Sport and Tuttosport:


    Five Stars Broker
    Jaurisova 515/4
    140 00 Praga 4
    Rep. Ceca
    Company Number CZ08188955

    FSB is a company subject to the control and management of Matteo Saba Holding LTD, with address at The Shard, 32 London Bridge, SE1 9SG, London, United Kingdom, with share capital of Euro 100,000,000.00 - For general information

    Disclaimer: FSB is an independent company, not related to any regulated company in the financial and insurance sector and does not operate in the financial sector but exclusively in the Commercial and Business Services sector.

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